Thursday, July 6, 2017

Musicians In Love

She was absolutely beautiful, he thought. His palms were sweaty grasping onto the violin as he gazed at her fingers dancing on the keys of the piano. Her dress was mauve and beautiful against her light skin. Her hair was swept back neatly, parted slightly off center and gathered on her back in a low ponytail. Even in the low light, he could see her skin reacting to the cool air and vast audience with goosebumps. She was dazzling.  Sometimes she caught a glimpse of him gazing at her as she played out the notes one by one.  But she didn’t mind, he was one added to the hundreds now giving attention to her musical monologue.  It was a wonderful night and it was just beginning.

Men dressed in stark black suits with white gloves along with fair maidens in long gowns chained to their arms sat in rows in the audience. 

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