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This little forgotten number...Buzz Lightyear on MS Paint

Are they really coming out with a Toy Story 4? I have mixed feelings.

Adventure Time! on MS Paint

"You know what Finn?"
"Yes, Jake?"
"Have you ever wondered why the sky is so blue? Or why my coat is so yellow? Or why LSP won't play chess with me even though I've asked her a million times and even let her ride on my back one time?"
"Well, Jake. I don't know the answers to those questions."
"Aw.." :(
"But I do know that I love playing outside when the sky is blue! It feels the best cause when the sky is blue, the sun is out!"
"Me too!"
"And I love yellow, it's my favorite color! If I had a yellow shirt, I would always wear it because then it matches my hair color! And you know what else?"
"What, Finn?"
"The sun is yellow! And you know I love the sun!"
"Me too!"
"And don't mind LSP, Here's a secret, Jake. Don't tell anyone!"
"Ok, pinky promise!"
*Whispers* "LSP doesn't know how to play chess..."
*GASP!* "Really!? So she lied to me! Aw.." :(
"You want to know another secret, Jake?"
*Whispers* "BP taught me how to play chess yesterday."
*Shrieks* "Play chess with me, Finn!!"
"Ok, but only if you let me ride on your back."
"Pinky promise!" :)