Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a Car

The one machine which I think most brilliant must be the automobile: the four legged, gas drinking, engine humming machine. I think we take it for granted far too much. To the birds in the sky, they must seem like such dull things scurrying in this direction or that, turning sharp corners and crossing long bridges to get to point B. How they must laugh at us, with their freedom so prevalent. But as a two legged creature, they are too us; these machines, the very help of our existence. They are a testament to our ever-evolving humanity. 

I for one feel safe in a car when it is traveling, somehow. I feel comfort in knowing I can see the world all the while sitting on fabric. The ease there is in being able to control which direction I want to go is so...astounding. 

Yet now, when I see one, with its' shiny red top coat I think of how far I am from success. The money I make, this machine eats it. Its' engine needs the gas and oil. The tires are wearing thin. And have I mentioned the accident on Lincoln and 35th? 

These birds, how they laugh at us. 

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