Thursday, July 6, 2017

i'm in the back, night time, cold leather seats
street lights glimmer on and off down the damp, hushed streets

lights glow verdant, honey, crimson
we stop and the engine dulls to a quiet hum

a couple in a beat up coupe
deep in conversation, mute

i'm wishing i can listen in, hear the silent words
see the gleam of the dash, the smell of cotton shirts

verdant as they leave us behind and i'm left to watch the ghosts of tender moments
silence in the car but the constant strum of the heart, lonely

the tires splash over puddles shattering perfect reflections
we take a minute at a drive in

two elderly ladies, 1 in a pastel sweater, 1 in a plaid jacket
both with turquoise earrings and a necklace that matches

1 says something, 1 laughs merrily
i can tell they're best friends, having gone through

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