Thursday, July 6, 2017

An Image In White

Hello. This is me. I am here. It’s bright and quiet. It’s clean and silent. I can hear my arm brush against my waist. It’s calm and fresh. This is me. I am here.
She has brown eyes. Dark hair. Her nails are clean. Blue of her dress. Pink are her shoes. She is little. She runs across the blank white canvas. She runs on nothing. Blue ruffles trail behind. Pink footprints.
Left. A window. Right. A staircase. Which would you choose?
His name is Hal. He says Hello with a very deep voice. He has two big teeth in the front. His ears are also big and they are pink. His shirt has a shape on it with 5 points reaching, reaching…reaching.
There are clouds. Somewhere. I can’t see them. But she talks about them. She says they are white. I know what white looks like. She says they are round and sometimes they are not. They are in the sky. Up above. I look and it’s just white. I imagine clouds are blinking white eyes looking down at me. Sometimes round, sometimes not.
One day I saw it. The door turned a color like pink shoes. But it was darker. And deeper. And more…beautiful. And in the center was a gold handle. Hal said I can open it. So I do.
I can’t see anything. Everything is still white. And then I can see everything. First it was a small circle in the distance. Then the white faded away. And I saw everything. Some things were the color of the door and folded into themselves. Some things were also white. But there were some other colors to be named. Pink. Blue. And a calming color. It’s my favorite color.
She said they’re called birds. She also said the color is green. She said green is the color of trees. She said birds sit in the trees. What is that sound I ask. They are singing.
Today I found something beautiful under the trees. She calls it a pond. The pond has water and I like the way it sounds. Like blue birds singing. She said I can lay beside it in the shade of the trees. Can you hear that she asked. Yes.
Hal likes the pond. He sits next to me. Then he does this. He touches the pond and it dances.
Today she is talking about the sky. I see it, the white eyes looking down at me. They are big and white and they dance like the water. Today, blue is my favorite color.
I think the sky is like a big picture hanging right in front of me, very far away. It’s also like the white ceiling of the room I came out of. I wonder what it’ll be like to touch the picture.
When I am by myself I like to see things. I like to give names to the things I see. Today I named 7 things. Leaf. Rose. Ant. Mice. Wind. Sun. Airplane.
She said it was a nice name. She said it looks like a bird, doesn’t it. I said yes. It’s very far, like the sky. One day she said, you will see a ship. And I did something I have not done before. I cried. I’m just very excited to see a ship. I have an idea it might look like an airplane and it will glide along the clouds just like the airplane.

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