Monday, May 16, 2016

friday night

silent, still, facing the light...
but it's not shining the way i like...
you're about a thousand miles away...
killing time, until that day,
maybe i'll be seeing your smiling face.
the nights are different, the days are slow...
but in my heart i already know,
you're feeling just the same.
if ever i came,
in the dawn of night
stood on your doorsteps and waved "hello..."
would you take me in and act like everything was alright?
i'd like to know...

nothing's ever as we planned,
we play, we pray and we wait.
the gentlest hands may be betrayed,
the enemy may be your friend.
life is on a tiny string that holds the fragile breaths,
of all mankind.
true, dear friend, that all we have,
is just eachother and nothing more.
when we lie facing down on the floor,
the footprint on our backs,
is from a mother, father, sister brother,
who do we blame but to blame the other.

life is just a game of gamble,
play by the rules and you get laughed at,
break the rules and get spat at.

so what do we do, dear friend,
when life soon will come to end?
all the corners in your life are taken,
and you've got no where to stand.

just come by me, cus i feel the same.
come by me, i've got none to blame.
it's just me and my broken dreams,
and if you very well want to share yours...
i'll turn off the lights, and we'll sleep.

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