Monday, May 16, 2016


the trees aligned perfectly like soldiers saluting their commander as he stepped down the line to assess each tomato stained trouser or dust collecting medal. the grass, perfectly trimmed i could  measure each strand to 1 1/2 inches. the iron fence was polished and shiny, like the rims on the cop car i was currently sitting in. the only thing i saw without a gawking presence was an old rusty barn nestled in the distant. i could tell the roof thatching had given in and the hinges on the door were loose made apparent as it rocked back and forth with the occasional gust of wind.

the cop pulled up to the front door of the towering mansion, its' ivory pillars and walls seemingly untouched by any outside elements. the flowers that embroidered the lawn and windows were tidy and probably chosen by the very queen herself. not a leaf out of place, a color palette used without purpose. this was the very place i hated, the very place i wanted to run from. hate in its essence lingered here like the stench from a dead fish left in the garbage too long.

"sami, what a plesant suprise, though hardly one at all." the queen had arrived, greeting me from the top of the steps. her suit was, as always, a white pencil skirt and blazer with a beige blouse, not that it was very beige at all, but an off white. it was plain. plain to look at, plain to think about.

"grandma." i said as i approached her. i stood at the bottom of the steps looking up. her menacing glare told me i wasn't welcomed. i had the urging desire to bow down and mock her. but i knew that wasn't very wise considering i had no where else to go. how did it come to this, this being that she was my last hope?

"please, come in." she gestured to me, "thank you Gary, give my regards to mrs. denver." Gary the cop doffed his hat and returned to the car.

don't leave me here, i had the urge to run back into the car and never come out until i was back on 60th and Hampton, sister's house. but the gun and cuffs on his belt told me otherwise. i let out the breath i had been holding. grandma was still staring and still judging.

"would you like some coffee? perhaps a cookie or two?" she was making fun of me, i hate coffee but i'd gladly take the cookies. i haven't had a thing to eat since yesterday afternoon.

nothing could've topped the gaudiness of the foyer, that was, until i stepped into the dining hall. a single massive chandelier dangled as if hanging from a noose; it could've fallen any second and killed an unsuspecting guest. of course grandma would love that. on the way to the sitting room we passed by at least 3 bathrooms each with their own theme: ugly, uglier, repulsive.

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