Monday, May 16, 2016


She Came From the Sea

they came from the water, glowing from the droplets that clung to their skin, like pearls embellished deep within their bloodstreams. they rejuvenated from the ocean, came back to life when they lay on the sand and let the waves crash into their slim bodies. it was like they were soaking up the very soul of the ocean itself.

that was where i met her. her hair was almost transluscent and when you really looked, you could see life particles swimming up and down her locks. when she walked, it swayed back and forth, glistening and casting a magical halo against her silhouette. her hands seemed stenciled with a billion tiny stars that together formed a texture unknown to man, indescribable. her feet, light as air, carrying her wherever her heart desired. they seemed to float when she was happy. now her face. where to start with her face. smooth, heart shaped, flawless. her brows softly arched to frame her curious eyes. her eyes, how kind and open they were and shined when she was excited. of course they were the color of the ocean in the morning, or the sky on a clear day. her nose was straight, leading perfectly to her lush, plump lips the shade of blushing corals. with them she sang songs to the fish of the sea and the flying beasts in the air. she whispered secrets and told tales of long ago to anyone who would listen. she was unafraid, bold, willing and courageous. everything that i wanted to be. she was my mother.

Danny never mentioned her. Always said that she ran away when I was young. The responsibilities that I came with were too much for her. So I grew up not knowing, hating and begrudging her. I also grew up not liking who I was, knowing deep inside I was part of her, she was part of me. I didn't know how to wear a beautiful dress properly, nor did my makeup compliment any of my features. I always thought my eyes too big, my lips unproportionate to my cheeks and my jaws, how prominent they were. so i hid. hid behind a mask of insecurities, an identity so mysterious even I myself didn't know who it was.

Danny did what he could. calming me when i was angry, and dealing with my threats of running away just as mother had done. but he always knew i wouldn't. he knew i wouldn't follow the one person whom i despised so much. so he just stood beside me, brushing my blonde tresses with his rough fingers, holding my hands when i cried myself to sleep. and he sang, oh how he sanged to me on those days when i thought my soul was going to explode from a feeling of an unfulfilled life.

on those nights, after Danny leaves me, i speak to the moon. she speaks back. she tells me of the virtue of patience. i tell her to go to hell. she also advises on the ways of life, how to achieve my goals. i tell her i have none. and if i did, they left with my mother. however, on this night, i spoke to Mother Moon. she tells me mother is coming back. from the way the stars seemed to shine that night, my heart, my soul was hopeful. the image which i grew to hate soon fed my soul, giving me a hope of seeing those blue blue eyes, that golden hair that adorned her. and the hands that would possibly be holding mine.

i shout down the hall at Danny, I tell him to come quick.

"Danny, she's coming back. Mother moon, she told me so. And the stars confirmed it. they did, they did!"

"Catia, stop. go to bed please."

his eyes were bloodshot. his mouth turned down in a frown. i apologize and don't converse anymore. he's had enough for one night. but when he leaves, my heart sputters. she'll come back, i know it. Mother Moon never lies.


"Catia, are you listening to me?"

Mrs. Spooner points at me. the other students giggle under their breaths. i don't care to look. i nod and reply simply "yes," and she continues.

Class dismisses and i head to my last hour of the day. i walk by Mimi's locker to see if she's there. then i run by Eric's. he's there but he's with some friends. and with her. Caitlin. his girlfriend. by what i've heard through the grapevine, she doesn't like me.

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